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Welcome to Macon Mentor Academy!

Welcome to Macon Mentor Academy % Trinity Love Church!  We are a tax exempt, 501c3 organization.

Macon Mentor Academy was established over three years ago to provide services to the fatherless, families, and people in need by way of chaplaincy, k-12 education, mentoring and advocacy.  We have extended our previous mentoring and advocacy efforts into k-12 education to teach students why education is important through constructivism that encourages building on existing knowledge and using  teachers and peer groups to help enhance and correct previous assumptions that have been built in the mind.  

Our intent is to produce future leaders that will have a positive impact in our community, society, and world without discrimination and without redefining God’s Word.  We intend to teach children character without changing their personality but enabling each child to become aware of their own disposition, therefore changing their own minds and creating their own destiny.  

MMA offers the Abeka Curriculum to parents who home school, but need the extra added push to help their children, to those who have dropped out of school, and to those who would like a more intimate setting away from the traditional school environment.  We offer  one to one learning, daily tutoring, week day morning chapel, monthly mentoring, and advocacy for parents.  


Macon Mentor Academy % Trinity Love Church


Fax: 812339-5869
520 South Walnut Street #403
Bloomington Indiana 47401



Donate Today! Go to you local Chase bank and request the Macon Mentor Academy % Trinity Love Church account.



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